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Prohibition Era Cocktails: The Mint Julep recipe, popular in the roaring 20's.

Prohibition Era Cocktails: How to make the Mint Julep cocktail.

This cocktail is still popular during the summer months in the South today.
A very popular drink during the roaring 20's.

Origin's and History of the Mint Julep.
My Grandmother was a hardcore flapper and she drank a lot of Mint Julep's in the summertime during the Prohibition Era. It is a very refreshing cocktail in the summer. We can trace the origins of a version of the mint julep all the way back to the early 1800's. The official drinks as we know it today shows up in print in 1938.  The cocktail has been promoted by Churchill Downs with the Kentucky Derby since the 1930's. A cocktail that is drunk mostly in the summer as a nice refresher. During the Prohibition Era, people drank both whiskey and gin juleps. We will cover the whiskey version here.

The secret to this drink is properly infusing the bourbon with the mint and then balancing it out with the proper sweetness.  Remember to not bruise the mint leaves to much when muddling, just enough to release the essence of the mint.

1920's Mint Julep Recipe:

• 5 mint leaves
• 1/2 ounce Bourbon Whiskey
• 1 tsp. powdered sugar
• 2 tsp. water

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:
Gently muddle the mint leaves, sugar, and the water in a mixing glass.
It is important not to overly muddle the mint leaves, just gently bruise to release the essence.
Add crushed ice and then pour in the whiskey.
Garnish the classic cocktail with a mint sprig.

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Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe
Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe
Prohibition Era Cocktail Article Summary:
Prohibitin era cocktails presents the Mint Julep cocktail recipe. A classic cocktail popular in speak easy's and juke joints during the roaring 20's. A classic whiskey recipe or bourbon recipe. Flapper cocktail drinks. Classic Cocktails of the Prohibition Era.

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  1. I agree with Tiki's instruction to be careful muddling the mint leaves; just enough to release the mint aroma. You may also want to try Cherry Julep for a different twist on this wonderful mixed drink.